Casino security surveillance system for situational management and accounting of incidents.

Our client, the largest casino in Russia – Sochi Casino and Resort – required to design a full security surveillance system for a casino that will make it easier for the client to manage any type of incident on the premises including:

  • Access Control
  • Face Detection
  • Gambling Detection
  • Fire Alarms
  • Security Alarms
  • Power supply subsystem monitoring
  • Evacuation Control
  • Single User Interface
  • Integrated Telephony and Instant Messaging System

Project Facts

Deployed in 2 Casinos with 4000 devices installed
Deployed in 5 Factories
7 developers
160k USD Budget


The backend of the project is written on Java
Database: Postgresql
User interfaces: on React.js and native iOS and Android mobile applications
Blockchain: are redesigned fork of Stellar
The code versioning is monitored by Git


Cortex. Aura features

We integrated the following:

  • Access control systems
  • Bosch Fire Alarm System FPA-500
  • Complex of inspection equipment
  • Emergency telephony system
  • Face Detection System
  • Gambling control
  • Power supply subsystem "UPS”
  • Security alarm system
  • Security television system
  • Warning and evacuation control systems

As well as designed a messenger for management and security personnel



We developed a software product that integrates all security systems in the building, allowing the operator to manage systems from one unified intuitive interface. The ability to configure automatic incident detection, based on rules and types of events, allows the identification of most incidents without direct operator involvement. All security systems are combined into a single user interface that provides the operator with invaluable support during the incident handling phase.
The system is designed for scalability. The system was commissioned on site with more than 4000 end devices on 6 systems. Aura successfully passed the test. Under a load of more than 15 Handling millions of events per day, unifying the monitoring and management interface for all systems successfully.

Aura Development Timeline

Idea (4Q 2017)

  • The customer approached us. An action plan was developed once we had a clear understanding of what our new clients wanted.
Proof of

(1Q 2017- 2Q 2017)

  • Multiple visits made to the casino site to get acquainted with all the details.
  • Figured out the Correct technology stack, how to do it and the timeframe for the project. Project costs and probable outcomes were calculated.
  • We developed the brand identity.
  • We registered a company-” Aura”.
  • We supplied programming professionals.
  • First working prototype with limited functionality released for testing by the client.

(2Q 2017 - 3Q 2017)

  • Gradually, more than 4000 end devices on 6 systems integrated into Aura on the casino premises.
  • Thorough tests have been conducted during which Aura successfully handled a load of more than 15 million events per day.
  • Fully functional product released and delivered to the customer.

(4Q 2017)

  • Some essential parts of Project documentation with the technical specs handled over to the client.
  • Deployment and integration of Aura completed on the casino’s premises.
  • Casino staff trained on how to use Aura.
  • Legal aspects of the project finalized.
  • Project sold to the casino for 300K USD after the client was satisfied with the test result.
Product sold to the customer for $300k
Company and exclusive rights for the software product became part of the Cortex Business Technology