Telemed Technology

White-label technology for healthcare providers to deploy telemedicine as a service, creating online ecosystems to connect practitioners, patients, pharmacies, laboratories, and payment gateways.

  • Using patient mobile and web applications, consumers find medical practitioners, schedule appointments, pay for consultation, and get help from practitioners online or in person.
  • Using practitioner mobile and web applications, doctors consult their patients, access Electronic Medical Records, diagnoses, and prescribe therapies and medication.
  • Using pharmacy web applications, clients receive prescriptions from practitioners for dispensing to patients.
  • The platform is fully integrated with payment processing providers to allow patients to present payment for services using debit cards, credit cards, and mobile money wallets.
  • Integrated medical AI supports triage and diagnosis, provides natural language processing for transcriptions.
  • Multiple languages are supported.

Cortex Telemedicine Technology is successfully deployed in the Caribbean region and West Africa.

We are proud that our partners eDoctor and Sapien Medica started disruptive healthcare projects using our technology.

Project Facts

Growing USD 175BN Market
iOS Android and WWW availability
Team of 12
Payment processing in 46 emerging markets


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